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Refined Sporting Watches

"Alludens champions an aperture that merges a lucid sporting veneer with an 
elegant nexus: creating a modern sports-luxe watch render..." 

An introduction by Freddie Wyatt, Founder.

Welcome to Alludens. 

I felt it important, to briefly foreword why Alludens exists, so that advocates and customers understand our position and products. 

I have worked over a decade in watch design & procurment and sporting fashion. Alludens encapsulates my zest for ‘sports-luxe,’ applied to a product-field and sporting environ, in which I consider there to be a lag in design DNA and product(s).  

Today’s watch market, on a personal level, feels binary. 

Broadly speaking: on one side brash, oversized and obvious ‘sporting watches’ lacking in refinement. On the other, minimal and ubiquitous ‘dress watch’ design. 

Our position, is that modern analogue sporting watches have, in part, lost their semblance of elegance and ergonomics.

Understanding this, our mantra is Sporting Elegance and we speak to those that embody a style and aesthetic that combines elements of sporting fashion and sophisticated classic design.

With this derivation, Alludens is creating a design aperture that merges sporting and elegance, to create a ’sports-luxe’ watch render.


The Patron is a refined analogue sporting watch, inspired by road cycling: its retro zeitgeist, the icons that appropriate this style and the sports design lineage. 

The product architecture is influenced by the epoch when analogue watches were a mainstay amongst the Peloton. 

Cycling and its design matrix is a passion of mine and I felt there wasn’t (and isn’t) a watch & jewellery brand designing products for this firmament, or speaking with an interesting voice. 

In my eyes, road cycling represents elegance and sporting refinement and is the reason Alludens exists.   

The classic spirit, that lives (both past and present) within road cycling culture has greatly informed our axis, and Patron (of the Peloton) neatly encapsulates the style Alludens propagates, both on, and off the bike.


When we set out to design the Patron range we wanted to challenge existing sporting watch rubrics and herald a new angle to 'sports-luxe.'

"Why are the vast majority of analogue sporting watches 42mm+ case size and clunky?"

"Why do the crown and chronograph pushers protrude so far?" This is neither comfortable or stylish.

"Why such thick metal straps that feel like ‘bolt-ons’ and why the obsession with cluttering the dial with ostensible sporting messages and functions?"

This isn't the lens through we which we vision sporting watches.

Our nectar is refined sporting design and our purpose is to elevate this ethos.

For the Patron range, the aesthetic and componency is predicated on: 

 - 40mm barrel case : Apex size for sporting refinement 
- Fixed ceramic bezel : It does not need to rotate to be ‘sporting’ 
- 8.70mm in height : Masculine and sleek 
- Low profile chamfered crown : You can be in the drops with this comfortably and still get the design detail 
- Dial, indices and hands combination designed for clarity and a clean sporting finish 
- The watch (heads) have to be able to work with a select range of sophisticated sporting straps: perforated leather(fashioned by Jacques Anquetil), rolled edge leather and {thin} NATO. 

We have plans to develop design influences and collaborations that are highly germane to road cycling and its prism.

In summary, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this foreword and finding your way to Gazzetta. 

I hope you connect with the Alludens notion of Sporting Elegance, the retro nexus of road cycling and are inspired by our take on refined sporting watch design.